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Granite is a common type of igneous rock- hard and durable. It never needs replacing as it will retain its original look for a lifetime. Granite can be honed or polished and it is heat and scratch resistant. It is maintenance-free and extremely sanitary. Granite is available in a wide spectrum of colors and patterns with over 500 different selections. Granite can be used in Kitchens, bathrooms, fireplaces, barbeques, walls, flooring or any countertop you may need. At RioStones we have the finest selection of Exotic granite you can find in the South Bay.

  • Absolut Cream Absolut Cream
  • African Persa African Persa
  • African Rainbow African Rainbow
  • Alexandrita Translucent Alexandrita Translucent
  • Alpinus Alpinus
  • Antique Brown Antique Brown
  • Aquarella Aquarella
  • Ash Blue Ash Blue
  • Aurora Blue Aurora Blue
  • Azul Aran Azul Aran
  • Barricatto Barricatto
  • Betulaire Betulaire
  • Bianco Romano Bianco Romano
  • Black Agata Black Agata
  • Black fantasy Brushed Black fantasy Brushed
  • Black Fusion Black Fusion
  • Blue Bahia Blue Bahia
  • Blue Macaubas Blue Macaubas
  • Bordeaux Terracota Bordeaux Terracota
  • Calcatta Quartz Calcatta Quartz